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City and SCAQMD Clarify Metal-Related Business Count in City

SCAQMD reviewed a list of 194 business entities that had been assembled from several sources and not all of which were metal-related. Of this number, it was determined that there are 85 metal-related businesses in Paramount. In total, 17 of these businesses require SCAQMD permitting for metal-related work.

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City Requests Health Risk Assessment

In response to recent air quality issues, the City of Paramount requested that SCAQMD conduct a comprehensive HRA due to their expertise. Although SCAQMD thanked the City for their continued support in the hexavalent chromium issue, the District declined to conduct an HRA.

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Update on Air Quality Sub Committee

Thirteen members of the Paramount community applied to join the Air Quality Sub Committee. In the following weeks, each applicant will undergo the interview process with the current committee members and participants.

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