New Innovative Permit Requirements for Metal-Related Businesses

The City of Paramount has reported that all 16 metal-related businesses in town are set to receive Administrative Action permits. This new permit program establishes stricter oversight and was developed to address any future potential air quality issues in the City.

This program is a first of its kind in California and places the following requirements on metal-related companies in Paramount:

  • Metal-related businesses must provide detailed maps of their floor plans and an inventory of their equipment and processes.
  • Metal-related businesses must host an annual informational event where the public is invited to tour the facility, within safety guidelines, and ask questions of the operators.
  • Metal-related businesses must allow a yearly inspection by the City, the SCAQMD, and the Fire Department.

Adhering to the City’s oversight will require metal-related companies to be stronger partners with the community and enable our City staff to have a deeper understanding of the activities taking place inside the walls of these companies.

“Our community and the City Council have stressed the importance of air quality over the years,” said Planning Director John Carver. “We are committed to implementing this program and raising the standard of oversight and transparency of the metal industry in our City.”

Metal-related businesses located in Paramount still remain primarily under the oversight of the SCAQMD with regard to air quality emissions generated by their industrial operations. However, this permitting process expands on the oversight to look inside the facilities and ensures City staff are more aware of any changing operations.

The administrative permit process was conceptualized in 2016 by the City Council Air Quality Sub Committee that was established in the wake of the discovery of hexavalent chromium in Paramount’s air in 2016. The City Council unanimously adopted the Sub Committees recommendations on September 4, 2018, and staff began the implementation process. Since 2016, levels of hexavalent chromium have continued to decrease and remain at historically low levels. 

With the completion of the Administrative Action permits, the City will kick off its first virtual inspection with the SCAQMD and Fire Department. All proceeding inspections will be conducted in-person. 

Following the inspections, the community will be invited to tour facilities or attend meetings hosted by these metal-related businesses to learn more about their operations. Residents will also be able to review the application packets and information provided to the City as part of the process through the City’s environmental portal at

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