Administrative Action Permits

The City of Paramount has issued Administrative Action permits to all 16 metal-related businesses in town following in-depth reviews of their application packages. 

The permits are required by the City for metal-related businesses as recommended by the City Council Air Quality Sub Committee formed in 2016 to review air quality cases. Through the permitting process, the City gains a clear understanding of a business’s operations and strengthens community partnership on air quality matters in Paramount.

This program is a first of its kind in California and places the following requirements on metal-related companies in Paramount:

  • Metal-related businesses must provide detailed maps of their floor plans and an inventory of their equipment and processes.
  • Metal-related businesses must host an annual informational event where the public is invited to tour the facility, within safety guidelines, and ask questions of the operators. The informational events may also be held off-site.
  • Metal-related businesses must allow a yearly inspection by the City, the SCAQMD, and the Fire Department.

Adhering to the City’s oversight will require metal-related companies to be stronger partners with the community and enable our City staff to have a deeper understanding of the activities taking place inside the walls of these companies.

To affirm the City of Paramount’s commitment to transparency, each businesses’ approved Administrative Action permit application is available below.

The City has started touring these facilities as part of the yearly inspection requirement. To date, 15 of 16 businesses have been inspected.