18 Metal-Related Businesses Submit Administrative Action Applications Mandated by City

Following the findings of elevated hexavalent chromium levels in Paramount by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the City formed a City Council Air Quality Sub Committee to study the science and discuss policy options. During the final Sub Committee meeting in October 2017, the group reviewed and finalized a set of recommendations to the Planning Commission. These recommendations included: land-use reclassifications, development standards, development fees for environmental mitigations and sustainable infrastructure, performance standards, administrative permit, and public noticing.

Since that last meeting, the City Council, Planning Commission and staff have worked to:

  • Eliminate outdated industrial uses.
  • Increase Planning Commission and City Council public hearing notification for conditional use permits, zone variances, and zone changes.
  • Mandate Administrative Action conditional use permits granted by the Planning Commission.
  • Add rear- and side-yard setback requirements to provide buffers to surrounding areas.
  • Require metal-related businesses to perform yearly public outreach.
  • Ensure public notification is required for metal-related businesses who have received a conditional use permit to expand.

As of November 2019, all 18 metal-related businesses in town (who possess air quality permits for metal emitting equipment) have submitted their Administrative Action permit applications. Businesses’ transparency through these applications gives the City a clear understanding of their operations, further strengthening their partnership on air quality matters in Paramount.

Administrative Action permits are approved by the Planning Department. Reasonable conditions of approval, such as delivery hours, are included.

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