Air Quality Monitoring Update

On October 3, the City was made aware of reports of a strong gas-like odor throughout the area. City staff was in contact with the LA County Fire Department, So Cal Gas and AQMD to address the situation. The Fire Department determined that the gas-like sulfuric smell is non-hazardous and dissipating as it moves through the whole region.

The latest information from AQMD is that the incident remains under investigation by their enforcement team. To this point, neither the Fire Department nor the AQMD have declared the odor to have been hazardous. The City continues to press the AQMD and other regulatory officials for updates as they become available. The City relies on the scientists and experts at the AQMD in our commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy community. We fully support our regulatory partners in holding those accountable for this disturbance. Once we receive additional updates from AQMD, we will promptly share the information with you here and on social media.

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