Paramount Awarded EPA Grant for Air Quality Monitoring

Paramount, California, November 9, 2022 – The City of Paramount has been awarded $319,754 by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its community air quality monitoring program, which measures possible pollutants from metal-related businesses and ensures they are not emitting toxins into the air at harmful levels. The funding will cover the program’s costs […]

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Climate Action Plan: Year in Review

July 2022 marked one year since the City of Paramount adopted its Climate Action Plan (CAP). The City is proud to highlight the various strategies implemented and milestones reached in its efforts to make Paramount more environmentally sustainable.

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Metal-Related Businesses to Hold Public Events

The City of Paramount is in the process of issuing Administrative Action permits to its 16 metal-related businesses in town. Following recommendations set forth by the City Council Air Quality Sub Committee in 2018, Paramount implemented a new Administrative Action permit program to provide closer oversight of potential air quality issues generated at these facilities. 

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