Paramount to Develop Urban Forest Management Plan

The City of Paramount, in partnership with environmental advocacy organization TreePeople, is producing an Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) to improve the immediate and long-term management of the City’s trees.

In alignment with the City’s Climate Action Plan, the actions outlined in an UFMP will serve to increase the City’s tree inventory and alleviate the heat island effect caused by the higher frequency of extreme heat days resulting from climate change and concentrated vehicle emissions. An increase in the citywide tree canopy can maximize urban cooling, along with stormwater and air pollution mitigation, all while enhancing the aesthetics of the community.

As Paramount makes strides in the UFMP’s development, the City seeks community involvement to help shape the plan. In early 2023, the City, alongside TreePeople, hosted three free community workshops to engage with residents and gather community input. For further community engagement, the City will release a Community Forest Survey in the coming months for residents to participate in.

The City aims to give away 200 fruit trees to residents and plant 400 trees in total (300 standard, 100 larger trees) within the next two to three years. The City looks forward to reaping the many benefits of tree-planting, including: improved air quality and public health, sustainable economics, and increased social equity and community resilience.

Stay tuned for the release of the Community Forest Survey by following the City’s social media channels.

To learn more about the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP), visit

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