Media Coverage

Below are articles published on various media platforms regarding the issue. This section will be continually updated as current news updates are produced.

7/1/19 – Environmental Tag Team: The Unique Partnership of Paramount and the Air Quality Management District, Western City Magazine

10/30/18 – Agency to hold public meetings on cancer risks due to chrome 6 emissions from Paramount businesses, Long Beach Post

10/24/18 – This Company Is Betting On Animal Fat And French Fry Oil As The Jet Fuel Of The Future,

10/5/18 – 9 companies, individuals honored for clean air practices by SCAQMD, The Press-Enterprise

10/5/18 – Metal Finishing Company to Stop Operations Emitting Toxic Compound, Los Angeles Business Journal

10/4/18 – High levels of toxic emissions cause closure of Anaplex, Paramount metal-finishing facility, Press-Telegram

8/9/18 – Paramount metal-finishing facility Anaplex forced to close again after watchdog agency finds it was emitting a carcinogen at too-high levels, Press-Telegram

12/19/17 – SCAQMD Lifts Temporary Shutdown Order at Metal Finishing Facility Emitting High Levels of Chromium 6, Long Beach Post

12/15/17 – Paramount company ordered to shut operations after high levels of hexavalent chromium found, Press-Telegram

11/7/17 – Supervisors Seek Authority To Shut Down Facilities That Emit Harmful Chemicals, LA West Media

11/7/17 – LA County explores giving health department power to shut down companies ‘poisoning the air’, LA Daily News

11/7/17 – L.A. County can shut down restaurants. So why not polluters, supervisors ask, LA Times

11/6/17 – If LA County health department can shut down restaurants, why not air polluters? Leaders want to know, Daily Breeze

8/31/17 – Metal Companies Concerned About Pending Air Regulations in Southern California,

8/28/17 – Metal Finishing Facility Ordered to Reduce Emissions of Carcinogen Chromium 6, Long Beach Post

8/26/17 – Metal-treating companies push back against air regulators’ methods, Press-Telegram

8/24/17 – Regulators watching levels of cancer-causing chromium 6 in Compton, North Long Beach, ABC7

8/24/17 – Long Beach company ordered to reduce hexavalent chromium emissions, Press-Telegram

8/10/17 – Already dealing with chromium 6, some in Paramount oppose medical waste facility, KPCC

8/9/17 – California governor signs bill allowing air officials to quickly shut down polluters, Press-Telegram

8/7/17 – New California law gives air quality officials the power to quickly shut down polluters, LA Times

8/7/17 – LA County tells 4 more metal plants to curb chromium 6 emissions, KPCC

7/25/17 – AQMD cites another metal plant amid new chromium 6 spikes in Paramount, KPCC

6/27/17 – High levels of hexavalent chromium force Anaplex in Paramount to suspend operations, Press-Telegram

6/19/17 – LA County Health Department orders Paramount plant to stop emitting odors, KPCC

6/19/17 – Public health officials testing for chromium 6 in Paramount soil, homes, KPCC

6/14/17 – ‘We can smell it’: Frustrated Paramount parents still worry about odors, toxic emissions, Press-Telegram

6/14/17 – City of Paramount CA Launches Business Licensing Partnership with SCAQMD, California Newswire

6/14/17 – What’s that smell? Air regulators blast Paramount manufacturer, but dismayed company operators insist all OK,

6/14/17 – Air district takes action against smelly Paramount metal plant, KPCC

6/13/17 – Air quality officials crack down on odor-producing manufacturer in Paramount, Press-Telegram

6/13/17 – Offensive odors: Paramount company impacts neighborhood, including school, with smells emanating from facility, says AQMD,

6/8/17 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: AQMD plans town hall in Paramount, Wave Newspapers

5/20/17 – Elevated Levels of Carcinogen Found at Paramount School, NBC Los Angeles

5/18/17 – Elevated levels of carcinogen found at a Paramount school, Press-Telegram

5/15/17 – Rep. Barragan calls for immediate testing for chromium 6 in Compton, KPCC

5/5/17 – Air officials to investigate toxins in Compton, Press-Telegram

4/29/17 – New air-board chief says he’s been tough on air pollution, polluters, Press-Telegram

4/10/17 – New chromium 6 spikes in Paramount spur inspections of more firms, KPCC

4/8/17 – AQMD ratchets up regulation of toxic air pollution, Inland News Today

4/6/17 – High levels of toxic chemical found further away from Paramount metal plants, Press-Telegram

3/25/17 – New pollution detection devices reveal potential toxic risks in Southern California air, Press-Telegram

3/21/17 – Paramount metal firm sues, and gets sued, over chromium 6, KPCC

3/17/17 – Toxic crisis in SoCal inspires widespread monitoring, OC Register

3/17/17 – Paramount’s toxic pollution crisis inspires widespread air monitoring by regulators, Press-Telegram

3/17/17 – Paramount Metal Processing Company Ordered To Shut Down Fourth Time This Year, CBS Los Angeles

3/17/17 – Paramount Metal Finishing Company Ordered To Temporarily Shut Down Chromium-6 Emitting Operations, The Patch

3/16/17 – Cancer hazard in air from Paramount metal company: Shut down now!,

3/7/17 – Air-quality officials must be held to their promise: Letters, Press-Telegram

3/6/17 – City of Paramount Mayor’s Statement on AQMD Suspending Aerocraft’s chromium 6 Operations, California Newswire

3/4/17 – Even toxics control successes can leave affected Southern California neighborhoods on edge, OC Register

3/3/17 – AQMD suspends Paramount metal firm’s chromium 6 operations for third time, KPCC

2/22/17 – Voters must choose who can best address Paramount’s air-quality crisis, Press-Telegram

2/17/17 – Need accurate information on Paramount metal processors: Letters, Press-Telegram

2/16/17 – Endorsements: Guillen, Lemons in Paramount, Press-Telegram

2/13/17 – High Levels of Chromium 6 Found in Paramount Prompts Council to Consider Impact Study in Long Beach, Long Beach Post

2/13/17 – Los Angeles County Residents Concerned Over Hexavalent Chromium Exposure Hazards, WebWire

2/12/17 – Are cancer-causing emissions in Paramount harming Long Beach residents?, Press-Telegram

2/10/17 – We’re ill-served by state pollution regulators: Guest commentary, Press-Telegram

2/3/17 – Air regulators order Paramount firm Anaplex to shut operations emitting toxic chromium, Press-Telegram

2/3/17 – Paramount plant spewing toxins gets AQMD shutdown order,

2/3/17 – City of Paramount Continues Aggressive Response to SCAQMD Air Quality Findings, California Newswire

1/31/17 – Pro-environment Assembly speaker Anthony Rendon’s hometown is site of toxic troubles, OC Register

1/24/17 – Q&A with one of California’s top politicians on living next to the Paramount toxic site, Press-Telegram

1/20/17 – Paramount Metal Plating Firm Suspends Operations to Comply with Air Agency Order, Los Angeles Business Journal

1/20/17 – AQMD reaches agreement with Paramount plant, Wave Newspapers

1/20/17 – Paramount Metal Finishing Company Partially Shuts Down After Hitting Pollutant Trigger, The Patch

1/20/17 – Paramount factory suspends some operations to curb toxic pollutants,

1/19/17 – Air regulators order Paramount metals company Aerocraft to scale back operations, Press-Telegram

1/19/17 – Paramount metal finisher suspends operations after violating Chromium 6 pollution limit, Los Angeles Times

1/13/17 – Paramount firm ordered to control emissions, Wave Newspapers

1/13/17 – In LA County pollution cases, enforcement is key, Los Angeles Daily News

1/13/17 – In Paramount pollution crisis, outrage is justified: Anthony Rendon, Press-Telegram

1/11/17 – Second Paramount metal processing firm agrees to chromium 6 reduction plan, KPCC

1/11/17 – Cancer-causing substance in the air? Regulators target Paramount firm,

1/10/17 – Paramount metal company ordered to cut emissions of chromium-6 or scale back operations, Press-Telegram

1/5/17 – Air district moves to expand metal processing oversight, KPCC

1/3/17 – ‘Eye-popping’ levels of toxin found on roof of Paramount company in ongoing chromium-6 investigation, Press-Telegram

12/31/16 – Supervisor Hahn Announces New Anaplex Lab Results, Calls for Immediate Suspension of Operations, Facebook

12/30/16 – Paramount active in fighting high emissions: Guest commentary by Mayor Daryl Hofmeyer, Press-Telegram

12/23/16 – LA County public health officials want bigger role as toxic watchdogs, Press-Telegram

12/23/16 – Toxic incidents are a call to action for Southern California health officials, OC Register

12/23/16 – Judge Won’t Force Companies That Emit Dangerous Levels of Hexavalent Chromium To Stop, LA West Media

12/23/16 – Judge refuses to halt pollution from Paramount factory,

12/22/16 – Judge denies temporary restraining order on Paramount metal plant over toxic emissions, Press-Telegram

12/22/16 – Judge rejects pollution cleanup order against Paramount firm, KPCC

12/22/16 – LA County and South Coast Air Quality Management Sue Paramount Metal Over Toxic Emissions, Westside Today

12/22/16 – Paramount metal-processing plant sued for alleged toxic emissions,

12/22/16 – Officials Sue Paramount Metal-Processing Plant Over Emissions Of Cancer-Causing Substance,

12/21/16 – After threat of lawsuit, Paramount metal company promises to clean up toxins, Press-Telegram

12/20/16 – Air pollution issue goes beyond Paramount, LA Daily News

12/16/16 – Air regulators threaten restraining order against Paramount facility emitting toxicant, Press-Telegram

12/14/16 – Struggling to breathe in heavily industrialized Paramount, KPCC

12/14/16 – One Paramount firm agrees to Chromium 6 reduction plan, KPCC

12/13/16 – Paramount residents fear sickness linked to toxins discovered in air, Press-Telegram

12/13/16 – Carcinogen scare for Paramount residents: Air quality crackdown,

12/12/16 – Residents voice frustration after dangerous air quality found in Paramount, Fox 11

12/10/16 – Paramount residents looking for answers on toxic emissions, Press-Telegram

12/5/16 – Paramount metal processor says high levels of carcinogen might be ‘misunderstanding’, Press-Telegram

12/4/16 –  Agencies were urged to address Paramount metal emissions years before air toxics scare, Los Angeles Times

12/2/16 – Paramount firms take steps to limit chromium 6, KPCC

12/1/16 – Health officials order Paramount metal plants to stop emissions or suspend operations, Los Angeles Times

11/29/16 – Two Paramount metal companies on notice for high levels of cancer-causing toxin, Press-Telegram

11/29/16 – Air quality agency aims to stop metal plants accused of polluting Paramount with cancer-causing emissions, Los Angeles Times

11/25/16 – Hunt’s On for Metallic Smell in Paramount that’s Making People Ill, The Cerritos Patch

11/25/16 – Air pollution hot spot in Paramount spurs calls for action on metal factory emissions, Los Angeles Times

11/25/16 – Cancer in the air in Paramount: Hunt for source,

11/10/16 – Air district investigating pollution spike in Paramount, KPCC

11/7/16 – Air regulators find a cancer-causing metal at 350 times normal levels in Paramount. Now they’re looking for the source, Los Angeles Times

11/4/16 – Air regulators: hexavalent chromium levels 350 times above normal in Paramount neighborhood, Press-Telegram