Regulating Agencies


Air quality and management in the City of Paramount is primarily the responsibility of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

The SCAQMD was created by the State of California and is one of several regional air quality regulator that cover different territories throughout the State. SCAQMD’s website ( provides a wealth of information about its work. In particular, this overview page on their website ( provides significant information on SCAQMD’s role in regulating air quality.

SCAQMD operates as a regional authority under the State Authority of the California Air Resources Control Board (CARB). Their website is CARB provides regulation for most mobile sources of pollution (think cars and trucks) and they provide overall state guidance to regional Air Quality Management District like SCAQMD on standards to achieve to meet federal clean air guidelines.

CARB operates under the California Environmental Protection Agency or CalEPA. Their website is CalEPA covers a full range of environmental quality matters, as one might expect, including water, soil and air.

For the most part, all regulatory activity related to air quality is executed by SCAQMD in the City of Paramount. SCAQMD issues and permits all activity that may result in air pollution, and the permitting process is designed to provide guidelines for the emission of pollutions and seeks mitigation tools and processes that reduce pollution emissions.

SCAQMD makes significant information available on their website about their permitting related activities. You can lookup the permit information for any SCAQMD permit holder in the City by visiting this link on the SCAQMD website: