Paramount Announces New Air Monitoring Dashboard

The City of Paramount is pleased to announce the placement of its new air monitoring dashboard on the Paramount Environment website, which includes real-time data of hexavalent chromium samples in town. The user-friendly design of the dashboard makes this important information easily understandable and accessible to everyone.

“We’re very proud to implement this innovative tool,” said Planning Director John Carver. “It empowers our residents with vital insights into our air quality in our efforts to make Paramount a healthier and safer community.”

The dashboard reports the levels of hexavalent chromium – also known as hex chrome – at five locations: 15701 Minnesota, City Hall, Lincoln Elementary, on Vermont Ave., and Wesley Gaines Elementary. Paramount installed monitors at 15701 Minnesota and Vermont Ave. for their proximity to metal-forging businesses, City Hall for its central location, and Gaines and Lincoln schools to ensure levels remain low near children.

Hex chrome, an odorless metal, is one type of air pollution that can cause negative health effects. After high levels of hex chrome were detected in Paramount in 2016, the South Coast Air Quality Management Division (SCAQMD) began air monitoring to ensure the community remained safe. By 2018, the partnership between the City and the District had maintained hex chrome at consistently low levels and led to SCAQMDrecognizing the City with the Model Community Achievement Award, which celebrates outstanding clean air contributions to the health of communities and their economies.

SCAQMD’s self-described “most extensive hexavalent chromium air monitoring program in the world” concluded in late 2021 after determining that hex chrome levels had been “low and stable” for an extended period.

At that time, the Paramount City Council decided to keep the testing intact and unanimously voted to pay for ongoing air monitoring services. In March 2023, the City approved an extension of these services after receiving a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that will cover the costs for two years, thus relieving the use of City general funds for the program.

For more information, please contact Planning Director John Carver at (562) 220-2036.

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