Paramount Gardeners Sift it Out at LA Compost Event

In an effort to further educate the Paramount community on the wonders of composting, the City’s Public Works Department held a Sift-Out event in collaboration with LA Compost on Saturday, February 11 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Compost Co-op: Cortland Community Garden.

LA Compost provided a special hands-on workshop to the gardeners who hold plots at the garden, demonstrating how to sift compost and apply it to gardens as a sustainable source of fertilizer. The process of sifting aerates and evens out the compost texture, making it a more effective planting medium.

LA Compost offered the same workshop to residents of the surrounding neighborhood. Participants were able to take home free mature compost to practice what they’d learned. 

Interested in composting but don’t know where to start? Paramount has created a comprehensive guide to answer all your compost-related questions. Learn more at the Paramount Environmental website:

Visit LA Compost’s website to find the right community composting option for you. Choose between community compost hubs, compost co-ops, and farmers market drop-offs.


CAP in Action: The City of Paramount adopted a climate action plan (CAP) in 2021. Composting education and events like the one mentioned in this article are part of Strategy WR1g from the CAP’s Measure WR1: Solid Waste Diversion Programs. To learn more about how the City has put the CAP to work, visit: ParamountEnvironment.Org/Climate-Action-Plan-Year-In-Review/  

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