Climate Action Plan: Year in Review

July 2022 marked one year since the City of Paramount adopted its Climate Action Plan (CAP). The City is proud to highlight the various strategies implemented and milestones reached in its efforts to make Paramount more environmentally sustainable.

  • Partnered with SoCal Edison to upgrade street lights in the City through the utility’s light-emitting diode (LED) program. The conversion project lowers energy use, produces brighter streets, and increases public safety.
  • In August 2021, the City procured its first all-electric vehicle. The City also announced its plan to add five more electric vehicles to its fleet.
  • The City Council proclaimed October 6 as California Clean Air Day in Paramount.
  • The City Council approved the plans and permits for the AltAir/World Energy Renewable Fuels Conversion Project. The project would end petroleum-based operations at the company’s facility and replace them entirely with renewable fuel production.
  • The City was awarded a $891,984 grant from the Los Angeles County Safe, Clean Water (SCW) Program to design the Spane Park Stormwater Capture Project. The project will provide long-term benefits for the community and the LA River habitat.
  • Became the first city in Southern California to offer easy-access ride-sharing service, GoGo Grandparent, for seniors. Ride sharing services promote improved air quality and public health by contributing to an overall reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Approved the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations ordinance, which creates an expedited and streamlined permitting process for electric vehicle charging stations.
  • The City was approved for SoCal Edison’s Charge Ready program that will bring l22 Electric Vehicle Charging Ports to Paramount and Progress Parks.
  • The City Council authorized all municipal electric accounts under the Clean Power Alliance renewable energy tiers from the Lean Power at 36% to the 100% Green Power Tier.
  • The City Council authorized changing the City’s Clean Power Alliance default community renewable energy tier from the 36% Lean Power Tier to the 50% Clean Power Tier for all residents and businesses, retaining the option for residents to opt down or up at their discretion.
  • In partnership with LA Compost, the City introduced composting at the Courtland/Orange Community Gardens. The composting program was made possible through a grant from CalRecycle and is helping divert organic waste from landfills where it contributes to the creation of harmful greenhouse gasses.
    The City upgraded the field lighting at Progress Park and Paramount Park to stadium LED lights. The conversion project was implemented to lower energy use, produce brighter fields, and increase public safety.

As the second year of the CAP’s implementation is now underway, the City looks forward to creating many more resident benefits for years to come.

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