Paramount Adding Five Electric Vehicles to City Fleet

In light of Paramount’s recently adopted Climate Action Plan (CAP), the City has sprung into action by updating its fleet with a new electric vehicle. In early August, the Planning Department’s gasoline-powered car, used for building inspections, was replaced with an electric vehicle. An additional four EVs are anticipated to arrive in early 2022 and will be assigned to Public Works, Public Safety, Community Services and Administrative Services.

Electric vehicles improve air quality by reducing smog and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change. This transition to electric vehicles is one of many steps the City is taking to reach its target goal of dropping GHG emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. 

“Paramount is looking to make its transportation options more eco-friendly, and the transition to electric vehicles is a great first step,” said Public Works Director Adriana Figueroa. “I am looking forward to the positive impacts this effort will have on our community and it’s goals for a sustainable future.”

Southern California Edison and the California Air Resources Board offer rebates and incentives for community members that are interested in transitioning to an electric or zero-emission vehicle. 

To learn more about Paramount’s CAP projects, visit

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