City Votes for Moratorium on Metal-Related Business Licenses and Expansion

The City Council of Paramount has voted to impose a 45 day moratorium on any new or expanding metal-related businesses in the City. This moratorium was recommended and passed at the City Council meeting on December 13, 2016.

The moratorium will last for 45 days and will go into effect immediately. Government Code Section 65858 allows a jurisdiction to adopt a zoning ordinance without following usual procedures of notice if it is necessary to protect public safety, health, and welfare of residents and businesses. As a result of Anaplex and Aerocraft emissions of hexavalent chromium, the ongoing approval of metal-related business constitutes a potential immediate threat to the public; therefore, the moratorium is necessary.

As a result of this ordinance, the city has 45 days to develop recommendations for possible modifications to the list of permitted uses and conditionally permitted uses for businesses. Meanwhile, the city staff will not accept any permits or related permit applications for new or expanded business operations, facilities, or structures that manufacture and/or process metals. This moratorium does not affect existing businesses that have no plans to expand.

City staff will study the legality, potential adverse community impacts, and mechanisms for regulating businesses that manufacture and/or process metal so as to provide the City Council with options and recommendations. If more time is needed for further study, a public hearing will be conducted to possibly extend the moratorium for a longer period.

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