Paramount City Council Issues Letter Endorsing Rule 1430

The Paramount City Council has sent a letter to the South Coast Air Quality Management District urging that SCAQMD adopt Rule 1430 related to metal grinding. The rule, if implemented, would apply to all metal forging facilities where metal grinding or cutting operations are conducted. Rule 1430 aims to prohibit open-air grinding, reducing the metal particulates that are put into the air by this process and moving grinding operations indoors so that the particulates could be captured and filtered. Further, the rule implements more stringent regulations and housekeeping requirements for grinding that is conducted indoors. Metal grinding and cutting operations must be conducted in total enclosures; if the facility is within 300 feet of a sensitive receptor (residences, schools, daycares, or healthcare facilities) or within 1,000 feet of a school, total enclosures must have negative air flow, or a ventilation system that removes more air from a room than is let in. The rest of the letter reads as follows:

This letter is in support of Proposed Rule 1430, which deals with toxic emissions, particulate matter emissions, and odors from grinding and metal cutting operations at metal forging facilities. The City of Paramount strongly urges the South Coast Air Quality Management District Governing Board to adopt Rule 1430 when it is presented in March 2017. The requirements of the proposed rule, which include the total enclosure of metal grinding and cutting operations, venting of emissions to emission control devices, cleaning of areas where grinding and cutting takes place, source testing of emission control devices, and installation of bag leakage detection systems, have proven to significantly reduce emissions.

In particular, the requirements of Rule 1430 were successfully implemented by Carlton Forge, located in the City of Paramount, to reduce emissions. Beginning in September 2013, Carlton Forge began implementing measures now contained in Rule 1430. By the spring of 2015, toxic emissions and particulate matter emissions had dropped “significantly” at Carlton Forge, according to the SCAQMD website. Given the clear correlation between the implementation of these measures and the reduction of emissions at Carlton Forge, we believe that adoption of Rule 1430 is essential to protect the health and safety of people living near forging facilities, employees of forging facilities, and, of course, children attending schools near these facilities.

While asking that you pass 1430 as quickly as possible, we would also request that SCAQMD complete health assessments and related studies to see if the rule can be even further enhanced eventually in relation to all toxic air contaminants and all emitting facilities.

Again, the City of Paramount strongly urges the South Coast Air Quality Management District to adopt proposed Rule 1430 without any possible delay when it is presented.

The City of Paramount submitted the letter to the SCAQMD as part of the public comment process.

The letter can be viewed here.


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