Anaplex Placed in Curtailment for Third Time

Anaplex Corporation has been ordered to shut down all metal processing equipment and operations with the potential to emit hexavalent chromium. This is the third time the facility has been placed into curtailment since the stipulated order of abatement was adopted in January 2017.

Monitoring by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) found elevated levels of hexavalent chromium being emitted by the facility starting on July 15, 2017. Per the stipulated order, the rolling three-day average for emissions is not allowed to exceed 1.0 nanogram per cubic meter (ng/m3). Once the levels exceeded this threshold on July 22, SCAQMD ordered the company to temporarily shut down all operations emitting the hexavalent chromium.

“Last week, there was an increase in hexavalent chromium levels throughout the City; however, these elevated readings were also seen in Compton and Long Beach, which suggests this is a regional issue,” said Mayor of Paramount Peggy Lemons. “While Anaplex’s latest curtailment is frustrating, the City supports SCAQMD’s commitment to holding companies throughout the region accountable for their actions. The latest results highlight the importance of monitoring and enforcement activities by SCAQMD.”

SCAQMD continues to be a major presence in Paramount. Although the agency has begun monitoring air quality in the nearby cities of Compton and Long Beach, SCAQMD will maintain its efforts to identify sources and lower emissions of hexavalent chromium in the City.

To view the latest monitoring results, please visit the SCAQMD’s website.

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