SCAQMD Hearing Board Approves Administrative Order to Reduce Hexavalent Chromium Emissions from Lubeco Inc. in Long Beach

The South Coast Air Quality Management District’s independent Hearing Board approved issuance of a stipulated Order for Abatement requiring Lubeco Inc. – a metal-finishing facility in north Long Beach – to reduce its emissions of hexavalent chromium.

“As a result of extensive investigations of toxic emissions from metal processing facilities, we identified Lubeco as a source of elevated emissions of hexavalent chromium,” said Wayne Nastri, SCAQMD’s executive officer. “We expect this order to help protect the health and safety of residents in this area.”

The Hearing Board’s order includes short- and long-term measures designed to reduce Lubeco’s emissions of hexavalent chromium. Lubeco will be required to curtail its operation of uncontrolled equipment emitting hexavalent chromium when concentrations of hexavalent chrome [BK1] exceed 1 nanogram per cubic meter, based on a three sample average. Lubeco will also be submitting a plan that is expected to result in the addition of new air pollution control equipment at the facility. [TB2]

SCAQMD filed its petition for the administrative order, known as an Order for Abatement, with the independent SCAQMD Hearing Board on Friday, July 21. Public hearings were held on August 17 and 23, 2017.

Hexavalent chromium is a known human carcinogen associated with an increased risk of cancer from long-term exposure, meaning years to decades.

Lubeco Inc., located at 6859 Downey Ave., is a metal finishing facility that serves the aerospace industry.

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