Paramount’s Village Park Tests Safe For Contaminants

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has officially certified in a letter released on July 26 that the soil and dust at Village Park in the City of Paramount does not contain hazardous levels of hexavalent chromium and CAM 17 metals (a list of 17 heavy metals commonly used in industry).

Consequently, DTSC has stated that there is no need for further action in the park.

“DTSC’s confirmation that Village Park tested safe is great news for our community,” said Paramount Mayor Peggy Lemons. “The fact that the park is located in the industrial area of town and shows no signs of impactful metal pollution in the soil or dust is very reassuring. This testing is just one part of the City’s overall effort to address the environment and we are thankful for these results.”

Both DTSC and Tetra Tech, a leading provider of consulting and engineering services with a focus on environmental issues, took separate samples for independent testing. Both samples came back with similar results, confirming that no additional investigation is required at the park.

Village Park is located at 15150 Illinois Ave. in Paramount, adjacent to Carlton Forge Works. Following the findings of elevated hexavalent chromium emissions from Aerocraft Heat Treating and Anaplex Corporation, the City and DTSC came to an agreement to perform split-sampling so as to test the park’s safety.

DTSC Letter Approving Results of Soil SamplingClick/tap here to view and download DTSC’s letter approving the results of the Soil and Dust Sampling.







Official Soil & Dust Sample Testing Results for Village ParkClick/tap here to view and download the Official Soil and Dust Test Results from Village Park.







Click/tap here to view and download the agreed-upon Site Investigation Work Plan for Village Park.







Click/tap here to view and download the Voluntary Cleanup Agreement between DTSC and the City of Paramount.

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