Paramount & GRID Alternatives Featured in Earth Focus Series

The City of Paramount and its partnership with GRID Alternatives were recently featured on KCET’s “Earth Focus” television series. GRID Alternatives is a non-profit organization that provides free home solar installations to income-qualifying residents. To date, eight Paramount families have gained solar panels for their homes through the GRID Alternatives Program.

GRID Alternatives’ Energy For All program can help homeowners save up to 90% on their electric bills, and is paid for by cap and trade funds from Sacramento as a means of reducing greenhouse gases.

Danny Hom of GRID Alternatives noted that the non-profit is “helping low-income people get access to cleaner energy and lead better lives where they have access to more economic resources.”

To see if you qualify, please visit or call (213) 213-5899. Plus, under Share the Savings, refer a friend or a family member and, if they use the program, you can receive a $200 referral fee.

Watch the video below (the Paramount portion begins at 14:12):

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