Paramount Homeowners Can Qualify for Free Solar Installation

GRID Alternative programThe City has formed a partnership with GRID Alternatives, a non-profit organization that provides free home solar service to income-qualifying residents.

Its Energy for All program, paid for by cap & trade funds from Sacramento as a means for reducing greenhouse gases, can help homeowners save up to 90% on their electric bills.

There are no hidden costs, no credit reports, and no surprises. It is all free for owner-occupied homes that meet the income requirements.

To see if you qualify, please visit or call (213) 213-5899. Plus, under Share the Savings, refer a friend or a family member and, if they use the program, you can receive a $200 referral fee.

GRID Alternatives also offers a job training program for those who wish to start a career in the solar industry. No prior experience is needed. Call (213) 725-5133 to find out about the Installation Basics Training (IBT) Program.

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