Paramount Adds Environmental Sustainability Section to City Council Meeting Agendas

The Paramount City Council has moved to establish a regular section on their meeting agendas that examines sustainability issues. The addition is part of the City Council’s efforts to play a formal and prominent role in environmental matters throughout the City and beyond.

The City’s history of sharp focus on sustainability takes root in its location and makeup. As a Gateway City, Paramount is home to several manufacturing businesses and is also surrounded by four heavy transit corridor freeways transporting goods from the nearby busy LA and Long Beach Ports. While these features provide great access and jobs to support the local economy, the City has been determined to help regional sustainability initiatives to offset the environmental impacts of these activities.

“We are excited to elevate our Council’s involvement in sustainability efforts,“ said Mayor Brenda Olmos. “The addition of the agenda section means we can bring forth more opportunities and use the full force of our staff. Our primary objective is, and always has been, to ensure the long-term health of the Paramount community, and residents should view this as a demonstration of that commitment.”

Much of the City’s previous and ongoing work in sustainability has been recognized and awarded. Recent milestones include:

Moving forward, the Sustainability Business section of the agenda will provide a platform for Councilmembers to discuss and address items that pertain exclusively to Paramount’s sustainability goals. Moreover, the City foresees this addition as an opportunity for public participation, increased transparency, exploration and research of sustainability issues, and full engagement of all City department staff. The Sustainability Business section was incorporated into the City Council’s regular agenda on May 4, 2021.

Items in this section will be driven by the City’s Climate Action Plan that is slated for completion and implementation this summer. Topics could include: environmental education, environmental legislation, energy efficiency, water conservation, grant opportunities, air quality improvements and more.

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