Monthly Water Testing – August & September Results

The City of Paramount has a standing plan to test its water supply for hexavalent chromium each month; the test results for August and September 2017 mark the ninth and tenth rounds of testing, respectively. The high frequency of testing exceeds most federal and state standards that require such testing once every three years.

The test results from July showed a level of hexavalent chromium at 0.105 ug/l. In comparison, the samples taken on August 24, 2017 indicate a level of 0.057 ug/l, while the September 5, 2017 results have a level of 0.053 ug/l. Each month’s sample amount show a hexavalent chromium level well below California’s Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 10 ug/l.

“Both August and September’s results have confirmed that our drinking water is in compliance with all state and federal standards,” said Paramount Mayor Peggy Lemons. “We now have 10 positive rounds of testing under our belt, which is reassuring; however, the City will continue to perform monthly tests to make sure the water supply remains clean.”

The test results for August, September, and previous months can be viewed on the Hexavalent Chromium Test Results page.


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