June Water Testing Results Re-Confirm Safe Levels

Since December 2016, the City of Paramount has tested its water supply for hexavalent chromium on a monthly basis. This recurring testing far exceeds both federal and state standards that require such testing only once every three years.

The samples for the month of June indicate a level of hexavalent chromium at 0.10 ug/l (compared to May’s figure of 0.126 ug/l). These results continue to be well below the state’s Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 10 ug/l.

“The test results over the past seven months have stayed consistent, as we expected,” said Paramount Mayor Peggy Lemons. “Paramount provides our residents with clean and safe drinking water. The testing will continue to ensure everyone that this is always the case.”

The results for June and previous months can be viewed on the Hexavalent Chromium Test Results page.


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