Carlton Forge Works Complies with DTSC Cleaning Requirements

Beginning in February 2018, Carlton Forge Works (CFW) contracted with a third-party surface cleaning service to augment its housekeeping activities within the facility and on adjacent streets. The two cleaning service vehicles have utilized a wet sweeping process, where the first vehicle sweeps the dust and the second follows to collect both dust and water for maximum cleaning.

This action resulted from strict cleaning requirements set forth by the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). CFW will continue to uphold this level of cleanliness into the foreseeable future, on the second Monday of each month.

The City has learned that CFW has additionally implemented a variety of environmental actions since the beginning of the year. This includes installation of an enhanced stormwater treatment system to further improve water quality prior to leaving the facility grounds as well as permanent, full-scale carbon controls on each baghouse in addition to HEPA filters.

The City of Paramount will continue to encourage CFW to continue working with environmental regulators to enhance its air emissions controls and ensure the facility meets all environmental requirements.

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