AQMD Issues One Year Review on Paramount Air Quality Efforts

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has issued a report that looks back at the first year of its efforts to reduce hexavalent chromium emissions in the City of Paramount. The report summarizes the unprecedented and extensive efforts to identify and reduce sources of hexavalent chromium in Paramount and surrounding areas.

The report summarizes the significant progress that has been made by SCAQMD related to monitoring, enforcement, rule development, public outreach and coordination efforts with other public agencies, including the City of Paramount. The report also talks about the lessons learned from this intense investigation including the discovery of new sources of hexavalent chromium that previously were unknown to air quality experts.

The report is in PDF format and can be found on the AQMD website here:

Mayor Lemons commented on the report, “SCAQMD has made its investigation into hexavalent chromium and remediation of emissions its top priority this past year. As this report demonstrates, they have gathered unprecedented levels of data and made a significant impact in the City of Paramount. Their commitment to our community has been critical, and the City will continue to partner with SCAQMD and support their efforts to achieve cleaner air for our residents.”

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