Aerocraft Emissions Exceed Administrative Order Threshold

Aerocraft Heat Treating Co., Inc. has shut down all equipment with the potential to emit hexavalent chromium after South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) air monitoring data found levels of the compound exceeding the trigger threshold of 1.0 nanograms per cubic meter at air monitors near their facility. The threshold level, which is an average of three samples collected over a period of about nine days, was specified in an administrative order adopted the SCAQMD Hearing Board on December 16, 2016 to protect public health.

The following table shows recent levels of hexavalent chromium found by an air quality monitor near the Aerocraft facility:

Hexavalent Chromium level (nanograms/cubic meter)
January 7
January 10
January 13

“This order is working just as intended by preventing the facility from emitting potentially harmful levels of this toxic compound,” said Wayne Nastri, SCAQMD executive officer. “Aerocraft will not be able to resume operations until SCAQMD monitoring data shows that hexavalent chromium levels have dropped below the level specified in the order.”

The City of Paramount has issued the following statement about this recent news:

The City of Paramount is very concerned that elevated levels of hexavalent chromium continue to be emitted by Aerocraft Heat Treating. In light of this news, we certainly welcome the swift actions of SCAQMD to force Aerocraft to suspend hexavalent chromium emitting activities. At the same time, we find it extremely disappointing that, after all the effort to come to an agreement, Aerocraft couldn’t go more than 60 days before falling short of meeting the terms. This shutdown shows that the regulatory process is working toward a healthy outcome our community deserves. We urge SCAQMD to continue using every tool in its chest to stop the illegal emissions from Aerocraft.


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