Fruit Tree Giveaway Marks Clean Air Day in Paramount

World Energy Tree PlantingIn conjunction with this year’s Clean Air Day, which the City of Paramount participated in along with cities and organizations throughout California, local company World Energy, working with the Paramount Chamber of Commerce, received a $1,000 micro grant from the Coalition for Clean Air for tree planting.

World Energy partnered with the City’s Recreation Department to hold a fruit tree planting and giveaway through the STAR after school program at Jefferson School. STAR has a student garden at the site where youngsters plant, cultivate, and harvest food, and learn how to prepare fruits and vegetables. In addition to a number of Paramount residents receiving the free trees, the garden gained three. The fruit from those will be sent home with students for their families to enjoy.

“We had close to 40 parents and kids participate in our tree planting ceremony and giveaway at Jefferson,” said Erin Donnette, World Energy’s Director of Community and Government Relations. “They were all really excited about the prospect of being able to take home a fruit tree to plant and care for in their own backyards. We also took the time to talk to them about the importance of trees and how they contribute to better air quality.”

World Energy, according to their website, is a world leader in the production of clean-burning biodiesel fuel.

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