Planning Commission Addresses Community Comments on Zoning Changes

The Paramount Planning Commission hosted its second Study Session on April 18, 2018 to review the Air Quality Sub Committee’s proposed changes to the City’s zoning code. Prior to the meeting, the City had mailed over 900 letters to industrial property owners as well as emailed interested community members to raise awareness and invite residents to participate.

Continuing its discussion from the first Study Session on March 19, the group reviewed over 35 comments from the community and made recommendations for each one. The discussions then focused on the implementation of the proposed modifications, such as the new standards for setbacks – the minimum distance which a building or structure must be set back from a street, road, or property line. A number of community members requested additional options for setback requirements that did not impact businesses as heavily.

The Planning Commission is planning on hosting a third Study Session on Thursday, May 31 to conclude its review of the recommended changes. City staff will present additional options for setbacks for the Commission and the community to review.

In June, the Commission will conduct a public hearing before voting on the new ordinance. If approved at that time, the proposed changes will return to the City Council for a final review and vote.

The materials for the April 18, 2018 meeting can be viewed and downloaded below:

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