Paramount’s First Air Quality Sub Committee Meeting Held in December

The City of Paramount’s Air Quality Sub Committee held its first meeting on Saturday, December 10, at 1:00 p.m. at Progress Park Plaza, 15500 Downey Ave. in Paramount. Spanish translation and child care was provided.

The Sub Committee is made up of Mayor Daryl Hofmeyer, City Councilmember Diane J. Martinez and was joined by Public Works Commissioner Alexander Garcia, Public Works Commissioner Rosemary Vasquez, City Manager John Moreno, and Assistant City Manager Kevin Chun.

Its purpose is to keep residents informed on the latest issues regarding South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) activity in town and to bring the entire community together as a team to address these issues.

The meeting featured a look at the history of zoning in Paramount, an update on air quality in the City, and a question and answer period for those attending.

The formation of the Sub Committee was the latest in a number of steps the City has taken in light of recent activity by SCAQMD related to the release of air sampling results in November in an industrial area of town. The City has no jurisdiction over air-quality issues, no expertise or legal power when it comes to air-quality testing, and cannot conduct investigations related to testing. The SCAQMD is the entity with all those powers, and, as such, the City has been working with them to address these issues.

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