Paramount Maintains California’s Urban Forest with CIRCLE 2.0

In 2016, the California Initiative to Reduce Carbon and Limit Emissions (CIRCLE) planted 1,350 urban trees in various southeast Los Angeles communities including Paramount. In spring 2018, CIRCLE again committed to planting trees in California cities as part of CIRCLE 2.0.

The CIRCLE 2.0 program planted a total of 1,650 trees this year. As a part of this effort, the City of Paramount partnered with CIRCLE 2.0 and West Coast Arborist in April for its first annual Community Arbor Day Celebration and Tree Planting Event.

Paramount was one of 11 cities in California to participate in CIRCLE 2.0. The City and hundreds of volunteers planted 200 trees in parks and along avenues in town, taking the number of trees on public land here over the 8,000 mark.

CIRCLE 2.0 was made possible by a grant from CAL FIRE Urban and Community Forestry, and the California Climate Initiative, putting Cap & Trade dollars to work in disadvantaged communities across the State. In addition to the numerous aesthetic, social, and health benefits to residents, the 1,650 trees planted are expected to save over 422,000 kWh of electricity, sequester over 1.6 million lbs of CO2, remove over 10,000 lbs of ozone, and intercept 4.7 million gallons of rainfall.

The City is dedicated to maintaining and growing California’s urban forest, as well as educating the public about the benefits of trees. CIRCLE is currently organizing its third program – CIRCLE 3.0 – where approximately 4,000 trees will be planted along the future High Speed Rail corridor. Paramount aims to join this effort when it begins later this year.

Click/tap here to read more about Paramount’s participation in CIRCLE 2.0.

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