Paramount Awarded $2.9M Grant from California Natural Resources Agency

The California Natural Resources Agency has awarded the City of Paramount a $2.9 million grant from its Urban Greening program to build a half-mile section of the West Santa Ana Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail. Once completed, this portion of the overall project’s Phase IV will stretch from Garfield Avenue to the L.A. River in the City.

The Urban Greening Program funds projects that reduce greenhouse gases in a variety of ways while transforming the built environment into more sustainable, enjoyable, healthy, and vibrant communities. These projects establish and enhance parks and open space, using natural solutions to improve air and water quality and creating more walkable and bikeable trails.

The West Santa Ana Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail is part of a multi-year, multi-phase project that has been in development since 2011 and will eventually link the Los Angeles River Trail and the San Gabriel Trail. The new trail will provide an easy way to reach surrounding cities by walking or cycling utilizing street-access points (in Paramount these will be found on Garfield Avenue and Orange Avenue). This will reduce energy consumption and vehicle miles to help improve local air quality and road congestion.

With a focus on sustainability, the City will reduce water and energy requirements of the new trail area by using native landscaping with low water usage and maintenance needs as well as drip irrigation technology with rain sensors. All stormwater run-off will be collected and recharged back to groundwater.

“We are excited about the recreational and active living opportunities this grant will bring to our City,” said Mayor Peggy Lemons. “Paramount is a built-out urban environment and we have limited new greenspace options, so we appreciate turning this unused space into a great resource for our residents.”

The trail will be available for public use by pedestrians and cyclists seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.

For more information, contact the Paramount Public Works Department at (562) 220-2020.

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