Paramount Adopts California Clean Air Day Resolution

California Clean Air Day LogoThe Paramount City Council adopted a resolution in September 2019 proclaiming October 2, 2019 as California Clean Air Day in Paramount.

This yearly observance was created by the Coalition for Clean Air to allow individuals and organizations to commit to doing their part to clean the air through actions both big and small. The Coalition for Clean Air’s mission is to protect public health, improve air quality, and prevent climate change.

To date, the City has taken action to improve air quality in Paramount by working with local businesses to reduce their emissions and partnering with South Coast Air Quality Management District to monitor progress and learn more about air quality science. The City has also taken sustainability initiatives like providing residents and businesses with cleaner sources of electricity through the Clean Power Alliance, installing electric vehicle charging stations in town, and more. The City is dedicated to ensuring clean air for Paramount residents and is proud to celebrate Clean Air Day.

You can take the pledge! There are multiple ways an individual can help the effort to clean the air. It could be as simple as planting an indoor plant, carpooling to work, or changing your home air filter. Follow this link to take the pledge and learn more!


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