“Energy for All” Program Provides Free Solar Installation for Qualifying Paramount Residents

Eligible Paramount residents can reduce electricity costs and contribute to a clean energy future by signing up for the Energy for All residential solar program through GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit organization offering solar panel installation and maintenance free of charge to qualifying households.

GRID Alternatives installs solar panels for communities in environmentally disadvantaged areas, improving access to clean energy and economic resources for low-income households. Transitioning to solar panels can reduce household electricity bills by 50-80%. 

“Clean energy brings multiple benefits to homeowners, families and entire communities,” said Stella Ursua, Clean Mobility and Partnerships Manager. “We partner with state and local governments to connect community members to the resources they need to make going solar the practical choice. GRID Alternatives also employs people from the same communities we serve, providing free professional training and long-term career opportunities to build a sustainable future for all.”

“We can teach our kids from a young age that we need to take care of where we live—we need to take care of this planet,” said Sylvia Uriarte, an early participant in Paramount’s Energy for All program. She and her husband, Eduardo, worked with GRID Alternatives to have solar panels installed on their home, free of financial commitments. “Even though it’s one house, one city, one county, it could be the start of a big chain reaction,” said Eduardo.

To find out if you are eligible, visit EnergyForAllProgram.org or call (213) 213-5899. Residents can refer a friend or a family member and receive a $200 referral fee for those who enroll.

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