City Publishes 2016 Consumer Confidence Report

For over 20 years, all California water utilities have been providing information on water served to its consumers via Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR). These reports offer a snapshot of the tap water quality provided to residents over the past year, including details about where it comes from, how it is tested, what is in it, and how it compares with State and Federal safety limits.

The 2016 CCR for the City of Paramount indicates that the City continues to be in compliance with State and Federal drinking water standards. Unlike past years, however, there has been a change in the reporting methodology: previously, the State had the City report “pre-treatment” test results for arsenic. Due to recent concerns and misleading information been spread about arsenic in the water supply, the City successfully worked with the State to utilize “post-treatment” numbers for this report.

The City of Paramount’s 2016 CCR can be found here, along with previous reports.

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