City Council Proclaims Official California Clean Air Day in Paramount

California Clean Air Day LogoThe City of Paramount is proud to proclaim October 7, 2020 as Clean Air Day! The proclamation was issued as a Resolution of the City Council on September 15th.

The Coalition for Clean Air began California Clean Air Day to unite individuals, organizations, government agencies, and nonprofits to improve health through better air quality. 

The City’s dedication to the continued improvement of air quality shines through its various ongoing sustainability programs. Most recently in July, the City announced that it was awarded a $2.9 million grant to build a half-mile section of the West Santa Ana Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail that will encourage the use of walkable and bikeable trails. Additionally, the City works with local businesses to reduce harmful emissions and partners with the South Coast Air Quality Management District to constantly monitor Paramount’s air quality. 

“We are pleased to officially recognize and celebrate Clean Air Day again this year,” said Paramount Mayor Peggy Lemons. “The City remains committed to ensuring the best possible air quality for the health and wellbeing of our residents and to protect our local environment.” 

The City encourages all of its residents and businesses to take the Clean Air Pledge. Among the suggestions for celebrating the day are planting a tree, using public transportation, or riding a bike. Follow this link to learn more about Clean Air Day and take the pledge!

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