City Council Air Quality Sub Committee

In response to the findings by the South Coast Air Quality Management District of elevated levels of Hexavalent Chromium in Paramount, the City formed a City Council Air Quality Sub Committee to study the information and discuss policy options for the City. As a City Council Subcommittee, the law restricts participation on the Subcommittee to less than three members of the City Council so as to avoid violation of the Brown Act. Vice Mayor Diane J. Martinez and Councilmember Daryl Hofmeyer led this subcommittee.

In addition to Councilmember participation, the Subcommittee had included other voices and perspectives. These participants included two City Commissioners, City staff members, a Paramount Unified School District representative, and a Clergy member. Three community members were also selected to participate through an open community application solicitation and selection process.

The Subcommittee’s task was to study information and learn from experts on different viewpoints related to environmental quality concerns in the community and provide policy suggestions to the City Council Subcommittee members for consideration by the City Council. Recommendations of policy measures to the City Council are made only by Councilmembers.

These meetings were open to the public. However, the Subcommittee meetings were intended to be working meetings, rather than a public forum. This means that the presentations, questions, and answers will be geared towards the Subcommittee members to ensure the Subcommittee is well-informed and has a thoughtful perspective when forming recommendations to the City Council. Questions from the community will be taken in written format and, when time allows, orally.

The Air Quality Sub Committee to met every 4th Thursday of the month at Progress Park Plaza, with additional meetings scheduled on an as-needed basis. The Sub Committee met for the tenth and final time on October 26. The group’s recommended changes to the zoning code was presented to the City Council on December 13, and will be reviewed by the Planning Commission on March 19.

Materials and summaries from each Sub Committee meeting can be found on the Sub Committee Meetings page.


Former Council Member Diane J. Martinez
Councilmember Daryl Hofmeyer
Jacklyn Avila
Mauricio Hernandez
Guillermo Parga
Alexander Garcia
Public Works Commissioner Rosemary Vasquez
Paramount Unified School District Assistant Superintendent Ruben Frutos
City Manager John Moreno