CLAIM: The City of Paramount Gave A Street to Carlton Forge Works.


The City of Paramount and Carlton Forge Works, through an open and public process, entered into an agreement for a land exchange in 2005 that allowed for better land use for both City and company.

The Paramount City Council held a public hearing to vacate the portion of Adams Street south of Somerset Boulevard and between Colorado Avenue and Vermont Avenue. Because Carlton Forge Works owned the land on both sides of the area that would be vacated, it was determined that this portion of Adams Street was not useful to the public for street access. Carlton Forge Works would then be able to convert the vacated area into a parking lot for its employees, thus removing cars from taking up street parking in the surrounding neighborhood.

In exchange, Carlton Forge Works gave the City a piece of property on Vermont Avenue, which the City used to create a vital element of water infrastructure that to this day helps ensure a safe and reliable supply of water to Paramount residents.

(As a side note, the City consistently tests its water supply, the results of which show that Paramount’s water meets all federal and state standards. In fact, the City has actually increased the frequency of testing over and above federal and state standards. Test results are available here:

To view the staff report from the City Council meeting, please click/tap here.

To view the City Council meeting minutes, please click/tap here.

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