CLAIM: The City of Paramount Gave Away Parkland to Carlton Forge Works.


In 1996, the Paramount Planning Commission examined the idea of a transferring a plot of land, less than one acre, on Ohio Avenue to Carlton Forge, who was asking to expand onto the land, which was adjacent to its facility.

“Ohio Park,” as the area was called, was located north of Jefferson Street and south of Adams Street, and very close to nearby Village Park. It had previously been an unused street that was converted to an unimproved green space with no park amenities.

The City conceived a plan that would create a new park in another part of town, a densely populated area that was lacking open space, with the funding coming from Carlton Forge Works. Consequently, the City Council voted to vacate the Ohio property, turn it over to the company, and Carlton Forge Works then paid $256,000 to the City for land acquisition.

As a result, the City developed Garfield Park, located on the corner of Garfield Avenue and Petrol Street, thus providing a better distribution in town of walkable park space for residents.

To view the staff report from the City Council meeting, please click/tap here.

To view the City Council meeting minutes, please click/tap here.

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