Ralphs Distribution Center Installs Solar Power at Paramount Facility

Paramount Solar PanelsRalphs, a Kroger company, has announced the installation of photovoltaic solar power at its automated distribution center in Paramount. The facility boasts of 555,000-square-feet and provides products to 190 Ralphs stores and 95 Food 4 Less stores throughout Southern California.

The City of Paramount assisted in this project by providing over the counter approval from the Planning Department and expedited plan check through Building and Safety.

As Kroger’s largest solar energy project, the installation includes more than 7,000 solar panels to harness energy from the sun. According to Kroger’s press release, “the new installation has a 2 MW AC capacity and will generate 4.28 million kWh of clean power for the facility each year, representing approximately 50% of the facility’s total electricity needs.”  

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