Paramount Awarded EV Charging Station Grant

Paramount has been awarded a Local Government Partnership Program Grant from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Committee (MSRC) to install four electric vehicle charging stations in the City.

The MSRC works with cities and counties through its Local Government Partnership Program to encourage the use of zero- and near-zero-emission vehicles — particularly electric vehicles. One main goal of this program is to support the 2016 Air Quality Management Plan of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

The availability of electric vehicle charging stations has had the most profound impact on the public’s growing use of these vehicles. The MSRC grants contribute up to 50% of the total cost for private stations and up to 75% for publicly accessible stations.

Paramount has been awarded $72,600 and is scheduled to install one public charging station at the Civic Center and one at the Sheriff’s Station within the next six months. The other two charging stations will be installed on private property upon approval of the property owners. City staff will target centralized properties with substantial business activity to provide visible and accessible benefit to electric vehicle owners. As the private property locations will be accessible to the public at all times of the day, the locations will still be considered public stations.

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