World Energy & United Airlines Honored at California Air Quality Awards

United Airlines has partnered with Paramount-based World Energy to fuel a portion of its fleet with sustainable aviation jet fuel (SAJF) on a daily basis. The biofuel results in a reduction of more than 60% in lifecycle CO2 emissions.

This commitment to the environment was recognized by the Coalition for Clean Air (CCA) at the annual California Air Quality Awards luncheon on May 31. CCA presented the 2019 Air Quality Award for Corporate Environmental Stewardship to United Airlines. Aside from using World Energy’s biofuel, United’s Eco-Skies program aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2050, a reduction equivalent to taking 4.5 million cars off the road.

In May 2019, World Energy also finalized its agreement with United to supply 10 million gallons of cost-competitive, commercial-sale SAJF for the next two years. As of December 2018, United reported that – by using the original SAJF – the carrier had saved 15,800 metric tons of CO2 emissions, while flying 16,500,000 passengers more than 28.8 billion miles.

World Energy is committed to delivering high-quality, sustainably-sourced fuels to its partners where and when they need it. Through its efforts, the company enabled United to take action, seamlessly transition to cleaner energy, and get closer to their sustainability goals.

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