World Energy Converts Paramount Refinery to Renewable Fuels

World Energy, an international leader in bio- and renewable-fuel production, announced last month that it has begun converting its refinery in Paramount – previously known as Alt Air and Paramount Petroleum – into the world’s first renewable jet fuel refinery.

Over the next two years, the project will convert current processes to create only renewable jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, and propane – also known as “biofuels.” Biofuel comes from food processing, such as non-edible animal fat and agricultural waste. Unlike fossil fuel, biofuel creates fewer carbon emissions and less jet exhaust in the atmosphere.

The new production processes will reduce pollutants at the refinery site up to 70% and eliminate the emission of greenhouse gases. Further, World Energy Paramount will utilize cleaner technologies to move products in and out of the property.

“This project will transform the Paramount facility into California’s most important hub for the production and blending of advanced renewable fuels,” said Bryan Sherbacow, Chief Commercial Officer of World Energy. “This investment will better enable us to deliver much needed low-carbon solutions to our customers.”

Though the creation and usage of biofuel is still relatively new, public agencies like the Los Angeles International Airport and the U.S. Navy have begun utilizing the product along with other renewable energy sources. Once complete, World Energy Paramount will be one of only three renewable diesel plants in the country.

“I am pleased to support World Energy Paramount in their mission to create energy jobs that will help our local economy while improving our environment,” stated Paramount Mayor Diane J. Martinez. “We look forward to their positive commitment to our community for the long term.”

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