MWD Offers Rebates for Residential Turf Replacement

The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California offers a Turf Replacement Program for homeowners to replace their existing lawn with drought-tolerant landscaping. Not only do grass lawns require heavy maintenance expenses, they also cause rainwater runoff, which decreases groundwater supply and water conservation. 

The program offers a rebate of $2 or more per square foot for up to 5,000 square feet of turf removal in your yard. Each turf replacement project must include three California Friendly plants per 100 square feet of lawn, a stormwater retention feature, permeable hardscape that allows water to filter into the ground, and a transition from overhead spray sprinklers to a more efficient irrigation system. 

Additional rebates may be offered for devices that maximize water use and conservation, such as weather-based irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors, rotating nozzles, rain barrels, or cisterns. 

Residents interested in participating must complete the two-part application process and receive approval prior to removing any grass. Once participants reserve rebate funds and are granted approval to begin their project, they have 180 days to complete the project and submit a request for the rebate. All rebate requests may take approximately three months to fulfill. 

Funding for this program renews every July, and funds are usually exhausted fast. Be sure to apply promptly at

To learn more about the program and rebate eligibility requirements, visit the Turf Replacement Program Frequently Asked Questions and Terms & Conditions.

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