Monthly Water Testing – February 2018 Results

February 2018 marks the 15th consecutive month that the City of Paramount has tested its water supply for hexavalent chromium. Beginning in December 2016, this schedule has far exceeded most federal and state standards, which generally require testing once every three years.

The results for January 2018 showed a level of 0.30 micrograms per liter (ug/l). The samples taken on February 5, 2018 indicate a level of 0.162 ug/l.*

The results for February 2018 and previous months can be viewed on the Hexavalent Chromium Test Results page.

*In 2017, the State Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 10 PPB for hexavalent chromium in water supplies was challenged in court by the California Manufacturers and Technology Association and the Solano County Taxpayers Association. As a result of findings that the State failed to consider economic factors when implementing the MCL, the 10 PPB MCL has been eliminated. The State will continue to enforce a MCL for Total Chromium of 50 PPB; “Total Chromium” refers to chromium in all its forms, including hexavalent chromium as well as other non-harmful chromium. In the 2016 Consumer Confidence Report, the City of Paramount reported 0.12 PPB in Total Chromium in the water supply.

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