City Seeks Clarification from AQMD on LADPH Public Health Directives

In August 2017, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH) issued Public Health Directives to four Paramount businesses: Carlton Forge Works, Weber Metals, Mattco Forge, and Press Forge. The Directives stated:

In July 2017, the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD) air monitoring station at [each facility] documented elevated emissions of hexavalent chromium. As such, [each facility] is operating in violation of the California Health and Safety Code, and causing a public nuisance that endangers the health of the surrounding community.

The four Directives raised questions and concerns since SCAQMD had not communicated to the City that these businesses had been identified as sources of hexavalent chromium. To be thorough and factual about the information being conveyed to the public, the City of Paramount inquired with SCAQMD about the nature of the Directives, requesting that the agency clarify whether or not the four identified businesses were, in fact, known emitters of hexavalent chromium.

In response, SCAQMD Executive Officer Wayne Nastri issued a letter to the City commenting on the information in the Directives. Nastri stated in his letter, “Although there are occasional elevated readings at the monitors near these facilities, none of the monitors to-date have indicated that there is an immediate and on-going risk to public health in this area from hexavalent chrome emissions.”

The City of Paramount will continue to rely on and support the scientists and experts at SCAQMD to identify any other sources of hexavalent chromium in the City.

Copies of the Directives and SCAQMD’s response are provided here for public transparency and review:

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