Urban Forest Management Plan

Leaping towards a greener tomorrow, the City of Paramount adopted its first Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) in September 2023. Developed alongside environmental advocates TreePeople, the UFMP serves to improve the long-term management and immediate care of Paramount’s cherished trees. The partnership is funded through a California Urban and Community Forestry Grant, by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire) through the State’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.

In alignment with Paramount’s Climate Action Plan, the UFMP endeavors to expand the City’s tree inventory and mitigate the heat island effect caused by extreme heat days. After receiving community feedback, City staff identified the top three tree-planting locations: schools, streets and sidewalks, and parks. Increasing the leafy canopy in these areas will enhance community aesthetics, maximize urban cooling, and ease stormwater and air pollution. 

As part of the grant, TreePeople will work with the City to revise its current tree care ordinance.  The revised guidelines will include additional provisions for the removal of mature trees and a more deliberate approach to planting new trees in priority areas. Specie-specific trimming guidelines will also be established to address issues such as overhanging branches obstructing sidewalks and cars, as well as excessive foliage. Furthermore, trees that bear fruit, flower, or cause obstructions will undergo more frequent evaluations and trimming, supplementing the ongoing city-wide three-year care program.

To nurture our thriving urban forest, the City and TreePeople will host several community tree planting events beginning this fall, adding nearly 20 trees in areas identified by the UFMP. To ensure proper growth and long-term health, the new trees will enter a three-year care period monitored by City staff. 

“Our Urban Forest Management Plan is not only an effective strategy for tree maintenance in Paramount, but also a critical tool in the City’s work towards environmental sustainability,” said Mayor Isabel Aguayo. “By strengthening our urban forest, we are actively addressing the pressing challenges of our environment today and securing a sustainable future for our community tomorrow.”

View the Urban Forest Management Plan here.

To learn more about the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP), visit the CAP webpage.