A Year In Review: Paramount Electric Vehicle Chargers Data

EV Charger 1Since Paramount installed two electric vehicle (EV) chargers in August 2019, public usage has steadily increased resulting in positive impacts on energy use and emissions reductions in the City. 

With an average of 59 drivers per month utilizing the EV stations, demand for gasoline in Paramount has been reduced by a monthly average of 450 gallons. In the year since the chargers were installed, users have collectively prevented 17,307 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere, the equivalent of planting 444 new trees and letting them grow for ten years.

“It has been a long-time goal of the City to live sustainably, and we are proud to provide a service that is not only helpful for the environment but for our residents as well,” said Adriana Figueroa, Paramount’s Public Works Director. “These EV chargers are laying the groundwork for our City to one day rely completely on renewable energy.”

As these EV chargers become increasingly popular, a small fee is being implemented which will drive more revenue for public services and infrastructure. 

The City of Paramount encourages residents with electric cars to consider utilizing this service to further Paramount’s mission as an eco-friendly community.

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