Cleaner Electricity Has Arrived in Paramount

The Clean Power Alliance (CPA) has arrived in Paramount to provide cleaner electricity from renewable sources for the community at competitive rates.

All Paramount residential electricity customers were automatically enrolled with CPA through Southern California Edison (SCE) in February. CPA mailed information to Paramount addresses previously to explain the program.

In a nutshell, CPA buys the cleaner electricity and delivery is still made over Edison’s existing utility lines. Nothing else changes. You will still get a bill from SCE and deal with the utility on any service issues.

The only difference is that a percentage of the power will come from renewable sources and there may be a subsequent savings on your monthly bill. This is just one more way that the City is doing its part to make Paramount as environmentally friendly as possible.

Have questions? Visit, contact, or call 888-585-3788.

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