Update on Air Quality Sub Committee

On January 7, the City’s Air Quality Sub Committee invited residents of Paramount to take part in the Committee’s meetings and provide their input on the current hexavalent chromium issue in town. The role of the Sub Committee is to gather and study information relevant to the environmental issues at hand and offer recommendations to the full City Council for their consideration and action. Applications to join the team were available to all Paramount residents until Friday, January 13, when the completed forms needed to be delivered to City Hall.

Thirteen members of the Paramount community applied. In the following weeks, each applicant will undergo the interview process with the current committee members (Mayor Daryl Hofmeyer and Councilmember Diane J. Martinez) and participants (Public Works Commissioner Alexander Garcia and Public Works Commissioner Rosemary Vasquez). Three residents will be selected, along with one representative from the Paramount Unified School District and a local clergy member.

“I am thankful that 13 members of our community have expressed a willingness to give their time and perspective to help the Air Quality Sub Committee. This community benefits from its diversity of voices and perspectives, and working together is the most effective way to address any concerns in our community,” said Mayor Hofmeyer.

The Air Quality Sub Committee’s next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 31 at 7:00PM at Progress Park Plaza, 15500 Downey Avenue. The goal is to seat the additional participants by the time of that meeting. The agenda for this meeting can be found here [Air Quality Sub Committee Agenda].

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