Why test drinking water for Total Coliform?

It is important to understand why monitoring for Total Coliform is performed and what it means. Total Coliforms are considered surrogate, or indicator organisms, and are an efficient way to monitor the distribution system. Total Coliforms are used as a regular test item because they are easy to test for and, if found in a distribution system, may be a signal for the utility to review operations and ensure that the treatment processes are properly working. In this case, all retests and all additional samples were negative for coliform bacteria, an indication the drinking water system is safe.  

By regulation, the City is required to test all wells every month as well as sites throughout the distribution system. The City continues this routine sampling and reporting to the state. The City performs up to 93 Total Coliform tests each month from the wells and at sample stations throughout the City and have had no positive results in more than 7 years.

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