What is being done to identify businesses that place air quality at risk in the City?

SCAQMD is conducting a systematic air monitoring program throughout Paramount to determine if there are other sources of hexavalent chromium emissions. SCAQMD also will be monitoring for a wide range of metal emissions in selected industrial areas.

The City of Paramount assisted the SCAQMD and LA County Fire in sweeping 190 (as of 12/20/16) businesses in town to review their operations, permit status and reporting paperwork to ensure the businesses were fully compliant with various environmental laws. Of these, 143 businesses have been determined to not require permits or the businesses were in compliance. Additional follow up inspections and enforcement actions are happening.

Update 9/14/17: The City of Paramount provided a list of all metal-related businesses within its borders to SCAQMD, which was supplemented by outside research and SCAQMD’s list of facilities identified through their permit database. After an extensive investigation to verify which facilities on the combined list were still in operation, and were actually in the metal-emitting category, City staff identified 17 businesses that require SCAQMD permits for metal-emitting processing. These businesses are listed below:

  1. Carlton Forge Works (Forging)
  2. Weber Metals, Inc. (Forging)
  3. Press Forge Co. (Forging)
  4. Mattco Forge Inc. (Forging)
  5. Ace Clearwater Enterprises (Forming)
  6. Aerocraft Heat Treating Co. (Heat Treating)
  7. Castle Metals (Heat Treating)
  8. Golden State Engineering (Machine Shop)
  9. M & N Manufacturing (Machine Shop)
  10. Fenico Precision Castings, Inc. (Manufacturing)
  11. International Metal Trading Inc and CM Metal & Alloys (Manufacturing)
  12. Procast Industries (Manufacturing)
  13. Paramount Metal & Supply Co. (Manufacturing)
  14. Wagner Plate Works West Inc. (Plating)
  15. Anaplex Corporation (Plating)
  16. Goldstar Wire Wheels (Polishing)
  17. S.T. & I. Inc. (Polishing)
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